CPA Contract Lifting.

A contract lift should be considered if you have little or no experience with renting a crane, indeed many contractors will require relevant experience and certification along with method statements, risk assessments and lift plans when hiring a crane for use on site.

Under the terms of a standard CPA contract lift, the crane/equipment, operator and all personnel supplied with the crane, (including the appointed person/crane supervisor) are the responsibility of Lee Lifting Services Ltd.

Lee Lifting Services Ltd will take responsibility for all aspects of the planning and execution of the contract lift and will provide insurance cover for the following:

Loss of or damage to plant/equipment caused solely by Lee Lifting Services’ negligence in the performance of the lifting contract.

Loss of or damage to third party property caused solely by Lee Lifting Services’ negligence in the performance of the lifting contract subject to;

A maximum liability of £25000.00 in respect of goods lifted.

A maximum liability of £5 million in respect of loss or damage to third party property or injury/death of third party persons.

(These limits can be increased subject to an additional charge).

Contract Lifting

Under contract lift conditions the customer still has certain liabilities and therefore should maintain adequate insurance to provide protection against incidents that may occur during the lifting operation, for example:

  • Customer or their employees’ own negligence.
  • Inadequate or unstable ground conditions.
  • Inadequate or incorrect information supplied relating to the goods being lifted
  • i.e. weight, inability of the load to withstand the lifting operation.

Lee Lifting Services are ideally located and have the experience to deal with all the necessary aspects of contract lifting in London. Normally a site visit is needed to assess the requirements of your contract lift operation, this visit will look at crane position, load and position of items to be lifted, any local authority permissions and traffic management requirements. From this site visit we are normally in a position to offer a firm quotation so that you can be confident when quoting your customer.

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